Rabhor Robes: An Estate Sale Find

Estate sales are a curiosity. It's fascinating to have permission to walk through a stranger's house and buy their belongings. You never know what you'll discover.

Recently, while browsing a bedroom of an estate sale, I came across a sharp, brown robe. Made by Rabhor Robes, it was brand new and still inside its original packaging. It was an easy buy at $20.

There's not much about Rabhor Robes on the internet aside magazine ads in Esquire, Life, and New York Magazine. The company seemed active between the 1930's through the 1960's and then seemingly vanished.

The robe I purchased is a lightweight rayon, which makes it perfect for summer. Its most useful feature is a button tab on the front. This keeps the robe closed so you don't accidentally expose yourself. There's also button tabs on the belt loop to keep the belt in place. Ornamental details such as single button cuffs and a removable pocket square give it a more formal look.


The most pressing question of course is why did this robe remain unused for 80 years? Was it meant to be a gift? Was it a back up robe? Maybe the owner was a Jedi?

Or maybe I was meant to find it?

I guess we’ll never know.